Wow, Who Knew it was National Cupcake Week


I have just discovered that it is National Cupcake Week and I have to say, I’m a little bit excited.

Now, please do not be under any illusion that I am a keen baker (or even a baker at all) because I am not. What I am however is a keen cupcake eater!!!

I have been drooling over many, many images on Pinterest though and it is making me feel rather peckish 😦


Christmas time is coming

Christmas balls

So, it’s only 99 days until Christmas! Once we have got Halloween out of the way our thoughts will be turning to the festive season and that all important present buying frenzy.

I myself tend to leave gift buying until, well lets face it, right until the last moment and have been known to ‘run the gauntlet’ on Christmas Eve.

This year I’m going to try and make the change. I have already started planning ahead and thinking about what to buy the special people in my life. As the title of my blog suggests, I am in a permanent state of skintness therefore I am going to try and remain frugal however, there may well be a few higher priced items mentioned, either because I really like them or they are to be used as inspiration for the actual purchase.

Firstly, my son. Top of his wishlist is the new Xbox One. This is absolutely the most expensive item on my list and to be perfectly honest, I dunno if I can even afford it yet but we’ll see.

For my wife, well lets see. She would like a new pair of Dr Martens boots. If money allows, I would also like to buy her a new bear.

So what about me? Well, in actual fact, there isn’t really anything I want but if anyone is interested, I did come across some rather smart pens here.